Hotel Zenit Bilbao

A 4-star hotel located in the Indautxu district. It’s central location allows visitors to visit the city on foot, or by using the modern Tram with a stop located directly in front of the Hotel entrance. The restaurant is situated on the principal floor which benefits from a 5 metre high ceiling, and gives access to a magnificent terrace, for the exclusive use of the clients. The Hotel offers a superb breakfast buffet, with much of the produce being certified with the Basque Label of quality and sourced locally. Lunches and dinners combine the best quality fresh produce with 24-hour room service. The Ondiz and Loiola lounges, located between ground and first floors, offer the latest technological facilities for whatever type of celebration or meeting. Clients can benefit from a recently updated WiFi service guaranteeing perfect coverage throughout the hotel. Hotel parking is located on the -1 and -2 floors and there is free use of the Urtzi Gymnasium, situated 200m from the hotel.

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