Ercilla de Bilbao Autograph Collection

Ercilla Hotel open since 1972 has join Marriott after a complete renovation to met the Autograph Collection standards. Red Deer has completely redesigned this iconic central Bilbao institution, restoring the building to its original glory as a landmark venue in the vibrant Spanish city.Dating back to the 1970s and the first purpose built hotel in BIlbao, Hotel Ercilla was the go-go destination for every celebrity visiting the Basque region.Honouring the grandeur of the 1970s and 80s in all its brashness and observing the hotelĀ“s own unique heritage,history and design has been interlinked through the concept “Vintage Glamour the Bilbao Way”. With 285 rooms and meeting halls for almost 500 attendees Ercilla de Bilbao is the right option to stay in Bilbao

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